GAT GmbH & Co. KG

Dear Customers, dear Suppliers and Service-Providers.

GAT GmbH & Co. KG is part of two worldwide leading industries:

=> shipping and automotive components.

For centuries mobility in general has been and still is of high value to all of us. In particular the availability of spare parts for all kind of ships and vehicles will continue to be an elementary challenge in a future globalized world. For those tasks strong and reliable business partners are required. Competence combined with accountability towards you, our customers and trading partners is of most important to us.

With many years’ experience in international trades, incl. worldwide distribution of shipping and automotive components, our business links within the Gondwana Trade Group open new opportunities for interesting and competitive automotive products on a frequent basis.

It is our permanent target together with you to constantly improve our products and services, so can permanently occur trust and respect for each other's needs. First of all we act to all basic commercial values before we make our business homework. Lasting satisfaction of our customers and suppliers is our economic future.

They - just as we - expect top performance from the participating business partner.
Therefore: request it ! – compare it !
- be critical !

Good deals not only consist price but also high quality and competent service.

In cooperation with you we wish to improve our offers and service day by day, so trust in each other can grow and lead into a stable and sustainable partnership.

We appreciate your business.

Thank you for your attention

Jean Francis Becker



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